JUMP! Innovative Change Model Overview:


Reader Testimonials

“It’s the four-wheel drive with a quantum winch to get your team unstuck! It’s about becoming that honest, transparent and authentic organization that fills your heart and excels.”

Brian O’Malley, Adventurer, Author, Photographer, Speaker

“The JUMP! Innovative Change Model creates a detailed understanding of our change journeys and the story of the Falcon Foundation connects the model to people with the courage to act.”

S. David Ellison P.E., President, Synergy Connects Inc.

“In knowing Bob for as long as I have, I know he lives and breathes what he writes. His successful life is a direct result of walking the talk, and we all can benefit from the tools and techniques presented in this book. JUMP! is concise and replete with ‘nuggets’ of sage advice and techniques on dealing with change.”

Alex Martinez, Owner, Smart Glass Systems, Inc.

JUMP! sneaks up on you. It is a great read that makes deep ideas approachable but it also makes them stick with you. I found myself thinking back to it again and again in my own life and work, and going back to certain pages with a whole new perspective. It is a book about change that actually changes things.”

Chris Vaughan, PhD, CEO and Founder, Sequence Consulting, Inc.

“Bob Tipton does it again! His latest masterpiece, JUMP!, is a road map for successful transformation revealed through a riveting tale of discovery and human triumph. I was hooked from the Introduction to the Appendix and read JUMP! in a single sitting.”

Larry Shutzberg, CIO and VP, Evergreen Packaging, Inc.

“There’s something here for everyone. If you are like me then most books in this genre are difficult to get through; all theory and no practical implementation. Here is a book that offers you the best of both worlds. A parable that does a great job of demonstrating how to implement changes in your own life (I seem to remember another great teacher using parables as a learning tool) and then all the theory and process models that underpin the whole thing.

Perhaps Mr. Tipton has missed his true calling as a fictional author; the story keeps your attention and draws you into the lives of the characters. But don’t think that the attention to the storyline detracts in any way from the details and theory about the model itself; it doesn’t. Very well done.”

Jeff Olen, President, Olen Business Consulting, Inc.

“Unique, immediately useful, and a fun read! Not just another change management book. JUMP! can serve as a textbook and how-to for making significant changes, can stimulate emotions that personally inspire, and Bob Tipton has crafted both a fable and guide founded on a set of guiding principles. There is something for everyone inJUMP!. Read it, digest it and enjoy your next JUMP! experience.”

Andrew M. Amalfitano, Business Continuity Consultant, AmalfiCORE, LLC

“Wow! Your approach and system are truely unique. The “Fable” lured me in (I’m a bit of a right brainer), while “The Model” satisfied the “Tell me like it is” part of me.

While perusing through the pages of Falcon Families’ Get Ready, Incubate, Aha!, and Make it Real moments, I felt as though I was experiencing their trials and tribulations rather than just being a spectator. It was also easy to see bits of (or large) pieces of Franklin, Jennifer, Greg, Terrence and the others in the dynamics of my professional and personal life.

Your “Human” approach seamlessly connects both the professional and the personal realm, which is difficult to accomplish at times. Just think how many relationships and situations would benefit from Eliminating Egos and Asking Clear Questions with both your coworkers and spouse?

JUMP! was entertaining, invigorating, and thought provoking. I will easily incorporate it’s philosophy into my daily life. Thank you Bob for sharing this rare gem with me. And thank you in advance for sharing your concept with everyone who is willing to listen.

Congratulations Bob! Well done!”

Jessica Alexander

“This is one of the few ‘must read’ books that really IS a must read! A life ‘changing’ approach — nay, epiphany — taught by one of the best communicators of his generation. Buy two copies — you’ll wear the first one out sharing it with your friends, family, and neighbors!”

Kris Neely, author, former VP of Strategic Application Development, Bank of America

“If only leaders would realize that waiting for a catastrophe to consider a change model like Jump! are likely missing huge opportunities that exist today, maybe many business failures could be avoided all together.”

David Van Meter, Chief Services Officer, Infinite Campus

Bob…I’m still incubating all the possibilities and connections but you’re on to something important and transformational. Your book is far more than a “feel good” approach. It’s a serious entry into profound and positive change. I’ve read it twice now and will have to order another copy. Mine is marked up pretty badly.

I see waves of probablity crashing all around me. Nice view….

Lisa McCaghren

Bob is a really smart guy and innovative thinker. His use of Lencioni-esque storytelling really helps to provide depth to the difficult process of change and innovation. I found myself identifying with both the circumstances and characters (although I won’t tell you which ones) and it was both motivating and convicting. Plus it also offers a practical framework and exercises to practice the JUMP! concepts and methods. Much of what is in JUMP! does not break new ground, but it presents it in a fresh and refreshing way. I can always use a good reminder to refocus and re-energize. Thanks Bob.

Keith Okano, President, Bridgeway Software

WOW! Grrrrrrreat book, Bob. You have outdone yourself. This is just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you, for letting me preview it.

I live in the major messed up state of New Jersey, and dove into the .gov sector after retiring my nerd hat. If you think overcoming “confort zones” in tough in corporate land, just try politics. Makes corporate challanges look like Romper-Room.

Please put my order in for about 50 copies. Your book, I intend to send to my new Governor and the members of the State Legislature. If they read it, and embrace what you are teaching, then maybe my sinking Titanic of a state might just stay afloat. If ever there was a need for positive energy and innovative change my poor state tops the list.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn leadership, or even just likes a good story, as the fable stands alone as a great tale in itself.

Nora Craig

I am excited to get a “jump” on my competition. I have always been inclined to leap into new things but this should give me the tools to know which direction has the most promise and how far I should spring to hit my next target. Joy At Work was my last inspiration, hoping this will be as fun. Thanks Bob!

Clint Robison, Sr. Executive, Black and Veatch Corporation

“JUMP! is an innovative look at how things change, and it is difficult to put down. Even after I finished it, I find its insights continually springing forth. Bob Tipton has taken the advances of twentieth-century physics and incorporated them into an engaging story of one man’s quest to deal with change. And, as an added bonus for the more analytical types, Tipton’s JUMP! Innovative Change Model provides process charts of how positive change is to be structured.”

Steve Risley, Architect, Philosopher, Theologian

“Bob masterfully ties together concepts as diverse as quantum physics and spirituality to define a solid approach to initiate, promote and accomplish spectacular changes. The JUMP! Innovative Change Model has application in so many areas of life, but in particular, if your life involves working with others, this is a must read. With change as the only constant in life, the principles contained within are vital to us all.”

Nahid Jilovec Sewell, Author, The Ruby Tear Catcher, Professional Speaker

“Bob Tipton’s use of ‘fable’ to illustrate the JUMP! Innovative Change Model for facilitating change is enlightening and spot-on. Anyone who’s ever fought their way through major transformation will identify and cheer. The story makes the process much more real and delivers great clarity.”

Gerry Sewell, IT Executive, Philosopher

“For more than three years, I have had the fortune to participate in a group exploration of quantum physics and faith facilitated by Bob Tipton. Bob’s widespread knowledge and ability to draw connections from seemingly disparate disciplines is awe-inspiring. His work in JUMP! is no different. Whether you are an individual or part of an organization stuck in the status quo, JUMP! will guide you to embrace and unleash the positive power of change.”

Daryl Shute, Sales / Marketing Executive, Social Justice Activist

“Through a believable and moving story and a clearly defined and presented model, JUMP! makes the principles of radical life-change inviting and accessible to everyone. Plus, it’s inspirational reading even the second time through!”

Kathleen Rector, Systems Professional, Social Justice Activist

“I believe that JUMP! is a book that the business world has been waiting for … and that it will be received widely with open arms and minds.”

Carol Cartwright, Administrative Executive, Philosopher